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Living Art

Living Art (Artist  @Royalempress_art_z  & Model  @artofshawny  both on IG)

Living Art (Artist @Royalempress_art_z & Model @artofshawny both on IG)

I had the great pleasure of shooting an art event a couple of nights ago. The theme was #MyBodyIsArt, so going into it, I knew it would be a live body painting soirée. However, armed only with that information, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. So I invited my wife to come along with me & keep me out of trouble. With that out of the way, I began to think about what to bring.

Kyra, the Organizer ( @kahysooicsh  on IG)

Kyra, the Organizer (@kahysooicsh on IG)

Faced with the unknown, I decided to bring every thing that mattered, but only what I knew for sure I would use. As you know, I shoot Fuji (& if you don't know,  now you know...). So I brought my X-T1 with the Vertical Kung-Fu Grip, the XF56MMf1.2, XF35MMf2, & XF16MMf1.4 lenses. I also brought my EF-X20 Fuji flash & my Flash Q wireless system. With that, I felt like I was ready for just about anything. And, it all fit into my Incase DSLR Sling Pack. 

@Lana_Lovecake  Cupcakes

I got there a little early so I could scope out the place & formulate a plan. I was a little disappointed when we first arrived at the spot, which appeared to be a narrow little bar on the industrial Brooklyn water front. (This is why you wont see any shots of the exterior. I got emotional, my bad). After a Ron Zacapa 23 neat, & some free popcorn, I ventured to the back a bit drawn by some delicious looking cupcakes (& as I later found out  tasted just as good as they looked). At which point I learned that the little spot had a generous back patio where the actual event would be taking place.

Artist - Shaina ( @toushai  on IG)

Artist - Shaina (@toushai on IG)

After popping off a couple of shots of the cupcakes with my sixteen, I ventured out to get the lay of the land. The space was pretty wide, (& early on there weren't too many people), so I decided to start with my 56, & work the scene from the perimeter. It was early dusk, so I set my shutter speed to 1/180, aperture to f2.0 & put my ISO on Auto up to 3200 so I could shoot without much worry. As more folks started to arrive, those long shots became less feasible, so I stepped down to my 35f2, kept the same shutter speed, aperture & ISO with good success. 

Above mages Shot on the XF56MMf1.2

Above mages Shot on the XF35MMf2

Any one that is familiar with the Fuji system knows that the 56MM is a beautiful lens, & it shows up here with great resolution & very creamy Bokeh (everyone loves bokeh!). But the stand out performer of the night was the little 35f2. With the fastest focus acquisition of any Fuji lens I've ever encountered, It was a joy to use. It allowed me to not feel completely out gunned by the big two, who were fully represented that evening.

Living Art (Artist  @can7.23  & Model  @callmesea  both on IG)

Living Art (Artist @can7.23 & Model @callmesea both on IG)

As stars & people came out, so did the lights & my 16MM. As it got darker & denser it became more challenging to get the subjects I was most interested in, the artists & models. So switched to my XF16MMf1.4, put my Flash Q transmitter on the hot-shoe, attached the receiver to my little Fuji EF-X20 flash & got close. After a little while it seemed like the crowd almost doubled & became even more challenging to get close, so I kept my flash set up & switched back to the 35.

Above mages Shot on the XF16MMf1.4 w/ the EF-X20 Flash & Flash Q Wireless system

Above mages Shot on the XF35MMf2 w/ the EF-X20 Flash & Flash Q Wireless system

As things began winding down for me (not the party, just me, I was kinda done from a long work week), I decided to experiment & shoot some low light black & white with the 16 & embrace the grain.

Above mages Shot on the XF16MMf1.4

All in all, it was great evening, event  & experience, with amazingly talented & inspiring artists (along with the gracious &  beautiful models). I hope you enjoyed this entry as much as I enjoyed shooting it. Please subscribe if you haven't already, click on your preferred social media button & also follow me on your favorite platform. Now, go shoot!