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Yesterday, though overcast & gray, I saw the Sun shine.  

Do you know of someone who is intelligent, compassionate, conscious & cooler than a polar bear's toe nail? No! You are in luck! Meet Pyth, also known as Pyth Hemingway The Poet, Pyth Lauren, Pyth Pimpin The Equation (ok, I just made the last one up). I Call him my brother, Sun, fam.

We hooked up early at his hideaway in Harlem. Where we started the morning with an invigorating conversation about the state of affairs in society, as we often do regardless of the hour. He shuffled around his place crafting his uniform for the day during our dialog, while I eagerly waited on the couch it effortlessly, & impressively came together. Officially, finishing it with a top cover, as is a signature of members of the Flame Keepers Club.

Finally out the door to stroll the uptown blocks, I put my eyes to work, looking for light & life in the walls to craft the scene. Just over an hour, & countless frames later we arrive at the club house. 

I take off to the lab to apply alchemy to the mornings captures, letting the cream rise to the top. He along with the top hatter opened the club house to the eagerly awaiting members & new initiates. Welcoming them into the traditions of the light.