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When shooting in the street, there is the rare occasion you meet a wonderful soul who shares your enthusiasm for the moment. This was one of those times. 

I was in Harlem on a chilly but unseasonably warm Sunday afternoon. I had just parked the car and was running over to the restaurant where my family had already gotten a table. When she captured me. She floated on Fredrick Douglass as if it were 5th & 57th, just with much more elegance & grace than the midtown regulars could ever hope to muster.

I said, good afternoon! And she responded, hello there! She complemented me on my camera, & I on her style. I asked her name, and if may I take her picture? She responded Delores, then silently, she pulled Blue Steel & I shot.

I thanked her, & she was off.

Our moment, forever frozen in the frame.